Gallery Representation

Xanandu Gallery - 7039 E. Main St. #101 Scottsdale, AZ 85251 - Artist Website

Artist Statement

My early influences came from the rich, colorful culture of Mexico, particularly as expressed through the murals in my neighborhood, from corner stores infested with gang graffiti, reflecting the violence which has consumed my hometown, to the masterpiece murals created around El Paso and Juarez. Like those corner store walls of my early experience, I layer brushstrokes and aerosol flares to complete a piece. Most of my paintings are reflections of mirrors I see in my dreams, mixing my adulthood with the unconsciousness of childhood memories. The texts I write have no specific language; they are surreal, like people speaking in tongues to communicate with a higher being. Many methods and styles of painting are influential in my paintings, such as Surrealism, Talavera, pinstriping, calligraphy, graffiti and street art, and I like to bring aspects of Meso-American mythology, which I love, and the gritty reality of modern life.